Whether it’s to create a sense of place, foster togetherness, or bring a room together from the ground up, the new Rugs Collection from Shaw Contract is designed to add vibrancy and style into any space. The portfolio comprises six aesthetic categories – Abstract, Geometric,Graphic, Organic, Painterly, and Tradition – bringing texture, color, patterns, quiet and comfort underfoot.

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The richness of a muse can only be captured by a palette equally rich. Find the reflections and texture of ancient sands here, brought to life with cut and loop technology that offers precision details and sculpted texture. It’s Tailor Tuft for unprecedented control to create spaces that, ultimately, allow people to let go.

With twenty-one custom patterns of sculpted texture and high definition that no other manufacturer can offer, Desert Lights presents a breathtaking view carved from nature.


Designed in collaboration with REPUBLIC OF II BY IV — an award-winning, multi-disciplinary studio specializing in international luxury lifestyles and architectural interiors, their work is rooted in design for purpose and guided by a passion for constant innovation. Their core values are driven by the statement ‘Ordinary is not in our vocabulary,’ and the Mist collection is proof of that.


Sound layers build our experiences in the places where we work, play and rest—footsteps; a phone ringing; colleagues chatting or the steps of the hotel guest above your room. Many sounds are unavoidable. With Soundscape, designers can create a sonic environment that reduces sound and encourages positive emotional and physical responses in a space.

Soundscape is a new innovation that pairs LVT in wood visual planks with acoustic backing underneath to absorb and stop sound from traveling—a human-centered solution for private and public spaces.


Design has the power to build community by creating communal spaces that draw people together. As the needs of communities change, both locally and globally, these spaces are becoming more fluid and flexible, more layered and diverse.

The Community collection was created to work together in harmony. Each of its four core products compliment the others— with textured and plush carpet tile, broadloom available as rugs, and hard surface—giving designers unlimited choices to meet the demands of a new workplace.

Community is a collective of four complementary products designed to layer and integrate with one another, lending themselves to a variety of flooring solutions. The ensemble brings together elevated 18″ x 36” plush carpet tile, 9″ x 36” textured loop carpet tile, broadloom also available as rugs.


Shaw Contract revisited the iconic Dye Lab collection with newly curated colorways. Dye Lab tile draws inspiration from natural dyes and mimics the color shifts rendered in naturally dyed textiles, creating an elegant and unpredictable visual.

Dye Lab brings lush intimacy or expansive boldness to the spaces where we work, rest and come together.
Dye Lab’s palette draws its inspiration from nature, a color journey of experiments with natural dyes including madder root, Osage orange, sandalwood and Saxon. Keeping the most beloved colors from the original

Dye Lab collection and adding a variety of new shades, an updated palette unfolded with intense saturated hues, softer washes and a wider range of neutral tones.


The designs include lines that merge and overlap, bold curves and strong graphical elements that make it highly adaptable at all scales. Tactile comfort alludes to sisal, jute and natural handwoven references that add a crafted feel and a tangible sense of well-being.

Machine-tufted broadloom and carpet tile patterns create precise details for a dimensional aesthetic in multi-level cut and loop patterns. Designed specifically for large, open hospitality-centric areas, these styles can be customized in scale, construction and more than 280 solution-dyed nylon colors.

Bring Warmth and Authenticity with Engineered Hardwood

Our new natural material offering comes from the highest quality timber. We add artisanal craftsmanship and then we engage in an innovative manufacturing process that honors the authentic properties of the material, while advancing its capabilities to a new level of performance.

Introducing the beautiful new Bevel Collection

A unique new take on the lighted mirror, the Bevel Collection is a stunning and elegant addition to our line of luxury lighted mirrors. Featuring a raised mirror surface embellished with an exquisite beveled edge, each Bevel Collection lighted mirror offers unprecedented beauty and style.

Inside Shapes

Inside Shapes is a new concept in flooring. We live in times where freedom of choice and expression have never been more valued. With Inside Shapes, a floor becomes a canvas for creative expression. The result is a dynamic interior landscape. From offices to schools, retail to hospitality interiors, architects and designers can engage and enliven the human experience in commercial spaces.

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