Ashley Lighting is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of Hospitality Lighting.   They are pleased to include many of the top hotel brands and designers among our valued clients.  Collaboration with these clients has resulted in many of the brand standards for lighting.

Ashley Lighting is pleased to be a registered WOFE, wholly owned foreign enterprise, expanding our manufacturing capabilities into China.  A 30,000 square foot facility houses a resin department, paint department, shade manufacturing, metal fabrication, and assembly.  They design it, fabricate it, assemble it, and ship it they own it!  This allows them to control all aspects of product development, and ensure that quality standards are met.

Ashley Lighting employs the latest in 3D and engineering software.  Digital prototyping enables you to visualize and simulate your product before proceeding with physical samples, reducing time and cost in development.  The customer service, design and engineering staff welcome the opportunity to work with you to meet your project demands.